This is Discrimination

Sound familiar?

  • "Rosita, your qualifications are great, but I can't hire you because my customers won't like your accent."
  • "Gulab, how many times do I have to tell you, Babe... you get the coffee while Tom, Dick and Harry present the management team's findings to the Board."
  • "Hanako, you're pregnant? You can't work here safely while you're pregnant, so you're fired!"

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Here, the employer is discriminating against Rosita based on her national origin, and against Gulab and Hanako based on their sex. While Gulab's race is different from her co-managers, a group of four employees is too small to draw any statistical conclusions about the employer's racial motive.

Also, the employer use of the derogatory female knick-name "Babe" reveals he was motivated by Gulab's sex, rather than her race, when he constantly assigned her less favorable duties than her male co-managers. In addition to her sexual discrimination claim, Gulab may also have a hostile work environment sexual harassment claim.

Discrimination occurs when an employer treats similarly situated employees differently based on one or more of the protected characteristics.

Protected Characteristics

  • race
  • religious creed
  • color
  • national origin
  • ancestry
  • physical disability
  • mental disability
  • medical condition
    (cancer or genetic)
  • genetic information
  • marital status
  • sex & pregnancy
  • childbirth (& related
    medical conditions)
  • gender
  • gender identity
  • gender expression
  • age (40+)
  • sexual orientation

Discrimination is unlawful in any employment practice, including:

  • Advertisements
  • Applications and interviews
  • Licenses or certification
  • Referrals by employment agencies
  • Pay, classification, or duties
  • Hiring, transferring, promoting, or firing
  • Working conditions
  • Participating in training, apprenticeships, or unions

For more information about California discrimination claims, link to: Discrimination is Against the Law (DFEH-151) supplied by the California DFEH

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